I’m Thankful This Mother’s Day

I’m Thankful This Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!!

I’m so grateful to be a mother. It warms my heart to see my kids go from tiny babies to toddlers to the little boys they are now. I have truly loved it.

On this Mother’s Day, this year, I would like to list four of the things I’m grateful for ::

1) The ever evolving smiles. It seems like yesterday, I was getting lovely gummy smiles. You know the one where you can see the outline of the teeth in the gums but there aren’t any teeth. Then it was the few teeth grin, now it’s all of the baby teeth for my youngest. My oldest keeps losing teeth ($5 a tooth!!) so he also has a new adorable grin. It’s always heartwarming but it never stays the same.

I’m Thankful This Mother’s Day

2) The bedtime cuddles that you know are being used to prolong bedtime. They do it because it works. Their complete trust in you as they hide in your arms. Jack knows he’s still visible but Jacob hasn’t gotten there yet.

3) When the kids tell you about their days. It’s so fascinating. They go through so much minus the bills, cooking, and cleaning stressors. I learned who knocked over their block house and who told the teacher they were talking. They tell me who their friends are and what they played during recess. It’s amazing how recess is one of the most important parts of their school days. I absolutely love the pride they have when they show me their school work. It warms my heart.

4) When they ask me to come play with them. I feel so included in their world. I love it so much. I’ve “eaten” so many plastic meals, ran around the house fighting bad guys, and watched endless car/monster truck races.

There’s so much more. From doing science experiments to watching Jacob do scooter tricks to watching Jack playing basketball in front of the house after school, it’s all been pretty great. This Mother’s Day I’m thankful for all of the joy my babies bring me.

I’m also thankful for having a wonderful mother who shows me how strong her love is for me every single day.

I can only hope my boys know I love them as much as I know my mother loves me.


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