World’s Okayest Dance Mom

World’s Okayest Dance Mom

Tis’ the season of tutus and tap shoes! A new season of dance has begun. My daughter started her fourth year of dance this year and I’m not afraid to admit that I still don’t know what a plié is. You see, I love that she loves dance. I love that I’m able to provide her with an opportunity to be involved in dance. I know NOTHING about dance.

Every week she puts on her tights and leotard and gets dropped off for an hour. What goes on in that class is a mystery to me. Only on our twice a year parent watch nights, and at the rehearsal and recital do I actually see all the hard work that goes on behind those doors.

I’m the world’s okayest dance mom.

I show up for everything she needs and I’ll happily pay for tuition as long as it’s something she still enjoys. You see, I choose not to push my daughter to remember her moves. If she doesn’t want to practice during the week in between classes, I don’t make her. She loves dance but it’s her CHOICE to keep loving dance. If at any point she wants to bow out, I will let her.

World's Okayest Dance MomNot that I don’t believe in her skill. I do! I’ve watched her blossom over these past few years from falling over her own feet to actually being able to follow the music and keep up on stage. She’s progressively gotten better, and the will to do that is hers and her alone. While growing, our children will grow to like many things. Some will be a hit, and some will only last a season. Don’t think too much into it. Let your kids enjoy themselves without the pressure to continue. Let them be able to have the freedom to choose something else if the love of what they are doing disappears. Yes, you should celebrate their proud moments. Yes, you should be full of encouraging words. Remember, before it was a competition, it was fun. It should stay fun.

So who cares if you don’t fit the “aesthetic” of the other dance moms? They’re too cliquey anyways! Be there for your kid. SHOW UP for your kid. You do not have to be an expert. You don’t even have to give it your all.

You may be like me and be just an okay dance mom and that’s more than enough. I promise.


Sara Hodge
Sara is the proud mother of four children and 3 cats. Born in Baton Rouge, she grew up in Ascension and decided to settle down in her hometown of Gonzales. As the mom of two children with congenital heart disease, she's passionate about raising awareness for the cause. In her rare moments of spare time, she enjoys reading Stephen King novels, spending all her money on Amazon, and scrolling through TikTok. You can usually find her cruising the streets listening to 2000's emo, being her children's personal chauffeur.


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