Melanie McHenry-Leblanc

Melanie McHenry-Leblanc

Don’t Feel Like Driving? Here Are Some Fun Things to Do at Home

Feeling like having a lazy day, but you want to appear proactive?  Have you ever had a day where you wanted to have fun with the children but didn’t want to drive anywhere or leave...

School Lunch Prep :: When a Basic Lunch Will Do

Packing a Lunch for your Selective Eater My oldest son is a selective eater; he also has food allergies. It’s important he eats a lunch that he will find delicious enough to eat and will...
Mommy and her 2 boys

My Goal Was Six Months … I Nursed for Three Years

Happy Breastfeeding Week!! I never thought it would be me. If someone told me that I would nurse my youngest little heart exclusively for a year. Then continue to tandem breastfeed until he was 3,...
A boy leaving for school on his first day

It’s Back to School in Our Household

It’s Back to School Time I always feel a little anxiety as school begins for the fall. My oldest starts first grade!! He was just a baby. A new teacher, a new grade, and so...