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health + wellness in Baton RougeAsk any Baton Rouge mom what she wants for her children, and health + wellness will be one of her first responses. Whether it’s the mental health of her teenagers, how much screen time to allow her toddlers or struggling with breastfeeding, moms simply want the best outcome for their children’s overall health.

Red Stick Mom provides local families with the latest resources, perspectives and expert advice about the important choices affecting the health + wellness of your Baton Rouge family.

Parents already have a lot of decisions to make! Finding consistent and reliable resources for raising a family in Baton Rouge shouldn’t be overwhelming, especially when it comes to the family’s health + wellness. There are so many issues to consider for kids these days, from children’s mental well-being to food dyes and whether those matter to vaccines and when to get them. And that’s not even taking mom and dad’s health into account!

Enduring a long NICU stay? We’ve been there. Looking for a great urgent care for children in Baton Rouge? Red Stick Mom has suggestions. We’ve talked about taking mental health days for kids, how to battle pesky molluscum, and arthritis in children. These are just a few of the health + wellness questions we’ve addressed on Red Stick Mom over the nine years we’ve served the community.

We’ve covered many different aspects of health + wellness over the years, from a scary breast cancer diagnosis to the benefit of chiropractic care during pregnancy to miscarriages and pregnancy loss. Whether we’re discussing birth or adolescence, Red Stick Mom strives to provide relevant health + wellness content for Baton Rouge families in a timely fashion. Best of all, every resource on Red Stick Mom is free to readers.

With the help of more than 25 Baton Rouge moms, Red Stick Mom makes it easy to locate important and accurate health + wellness information for busy families.

Instant Gratification Junkies :: Are We Raising Them?? I want what I want, and I want it NOW! Our lives are consumed with needs and wants, and for the most part, our society makes it pretty easy to obtain things quickly. Do any of these below sound familiar? Hungry and don’t have time to cook? There are drive-thru’s, gas station foods, and microwaves for that. Having a bad day at work and need some release? That’s what happy hours provide. Bored and need some entertainment? That’s exactly what scrolling through social media delivers. Kid throws a fit and you just need it to stop before you pull your hair out? Just give him what he wants! Emotionally taxing day with nearly unbearable...
Disclosure :: This post is sponsored and was written by Dr. Rachel Gilbert, a local mom, doctor, and the newest member of the Schwartzenburg, Lafranca, Guidry, Chapman, Magee, Bourgeois medical practice. When Should I First Bring My Daughter to the OBGYN? Navigating womanhood involves regular visits to the ob-gyn, from pap smears to mammograms. But when should your daughter start these visits? It's actually recommended for girls to have their first ob-gyn appointment between ages 13 to 15. This initial visit allows her to understand her body better and learn about maintaining good health practices. The visit can be proactive or due to a specific concern. Let's explore some common reasons for girls to visit the ob-gyn before turning 21. Top reasons...
Honor Roll Mom :: Keep Your Expectations Reasonable My oldest child is smart. Like mind-blowingly smart. At 14, I don’t remember a single time he ever had to study for a test. He’s able to remember vast amounts of knowledge and the adults in his life regularly look to him for guidance whenever they have a question about history or geography. He’s been on the honor roll ever since he was old enough to be on it and I’ve been the proud mom, sitting in the front row cheering him on every step of the way. With a child like this, you get used to seeing the A’s and as much as you don’t want to be “that parent," any time...

I’m The Weird Mom

The Weird Mom Being a mom is rough.It's the understatement of the century, but it's true. The Mommy Wars, where everything is a competition, just serves to make it harder.But I want to pinpoint the Mommy Cold War. I'm the weird mom. When attending things for my kids, I'm a wallflower, because I don't want my inability to human like a normal adult to affect my kids. I'm terrible at small talk, because I will inevitably try to participate, which will in turn result in an awkward silence where people make polite noises and continue as though I'm not there.Things are a little better once folks have acclimated to me, but the sad fact is we are tribal creatures, and I tick...
Strong As A Mother: Embracing The Journey With A Medically Complex Child We’ve all had the conversation at some point in our pregnancy. You know the one I'm referring to. A stranger, or maybe even a friend or coworker, will come up to you and congratulate you on your pregnancy. They'll gush over your belly and ask you if you would prefer a boy or girl. You'll say it doesn't matter. As long as baby is healthy and happy. Those words come out so effortlessly; it’s the generic response to this question and it’s true isn’t it? As long as the baby’s healthy, we couldn't care less about the gender. We never stop to think, what if my baby is not...

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