Help, It’s the Holidays! 7 Simple Ways to Prep for the Season

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Now we are here to bring you 7 Simple Ways to Prep for the Season!

Help, It’s the Holidays! 7 Simple Ways to Prep for the Season.

Take a deep breath, friend! The holidays are here and life is a whirlwind. As moms, we often carry a large amount of mental burden and this time of year things really ramp up. Whether it’s helping with school parties, buying gifts, hosting friends, or navigating uncomfortable family dynamics, unfortunately this time of year can bring more stress than joy, if we let it. But I truly think that if we pause and prepare, we can make our path forward a little smoother and way more fun!

7 Ways to Prepare for the Season:

  1. Set an intention.

Take a little bit of time to think about what you want this month to look like internally for you. How do you want to feel this month? How do you want to be and act and treat other people? Choose a quote, a scripture, or a prayer that is meaningful to you and write it on a notecard then placing it on your mirror or car dash or above your kitchen sink. Take time every day to read it and reflect: not out of guilt or shame, but as an encouragement for what you are hoping to carry with you this month.

2. Make some LISTS!

As mentioned, the mental burden of the season can weigh us down. Getting everything out of our head and onto paper can really help us keep track of what needs to happen and ease our minds a big. Look ahead at the next couple of months and make some lists: Christmas gifts for family and friends, easy meals to keep on rotation during these busy months, a couple of fun outings you want to make sure to do with your family, and projects you’d like to accomplish.

3. Make space for rest and refreshment.

I know it seems difficult and counterintuitive in a season that seems to need every minute of your time. But trust me, you will feel so much better and be able to function more fully if you take time to get refreshed. This can look so many ways: sitting down to read a good book in the afternoons, going to bed early without your phone nearby, taking a bath after the kids are in bed, treating yourself to a pedicure, or planning a night out with girlfriends. Whatever you decide, put it on the calendar and stick to it!

4. Practice gratitude.

When things feel overwhelming, it can be easy to lose sight of what we’re grateful for. Take time every day to say aloud or write down things that are a gift in your life right now. Even better, ask your family members to share what they’re thankful for around the dinner table and not just on Thanksgiving.

5. Get moving, drink water, eat some veggies, go outside!

I know, I know, it’s the same advice we hear all the time. But really, these things WORK and they don’t have to be complicated. Today I played soccer with my kids in the front yard—that was my movement and my outside time: you know what, it’s better than nothing! I recently got a Stanley cup for my water intake and I’m obsessed with it. Making sure I’m getting veggies in at every meal makes me feel so good physically (and keeps me regular, TMI, sorry).

6. Ask for help!

Why is this so hard, mamas? I find that I feel infinitely better if I reach out to a friend for encouragement or sit down with my husband and spill my worries. Sometimes just sharing with someone else about what is going on and what feels hard is all we need for a fresh start on a new day. Don’t keep it in, friend.

7. Let it go.

Look, as much as I love traditions and all the festive fun, I have come to accept that not every moment of this season needs to be magical and picture perfect. In fact, we might even find more magic in the season if we let go of some of the expectations we put on ourselves. If you’re not up for homemade cookies, store-bought works just fine. If you can’t swing a Pinterest level wrapping job, that stuff is trashed in two seconds anyway. Fancy new party clothes? You looked great last year, wear it again!!

You’ve got this, mama! Pause, take a breath, and move forward into the holiday season with these 7 Simple Ways to Prep for the Season.


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