What The World Needs Now Is Grace

Our world has changed so much in the past year. Nothing that we are used to is normal anymore but this IS our normal, for now anyways. I am a big believer in choosing the way your day will be when you wake up. We choose our attitudes and we choose how we will treat others. That being said, I feel like our society as a whole could stand to show a little more grace.


These days our worlds revolve around social media. The pictures, the opinions, the memes, the fashion, etc. If you really stop and look at the things on social media … none of it is real. They are things that people WANT you to see. They are highlight reels of someone’s life. Let’s be real …. no one puts the crappy things on our highlight reels. Social media and politics … it’s such a sore subject. Things that used to be taboo to speak of are plastered all over social media. Instead of arguing and getting frustrated with friends over disagreeing opinions, give them grace and show them kindness. Keep scrolling. Listen to old saying “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it at all!” Social media needs grace and understanding that no one is perfect, even if that’s what your newsfeed tells you. Give the grace!



Raising kids is hard! It’s by far the hardest job I’ve ever had in my life. It’s tiring, continuous with not many breaks. You are responsible for raising tiny humans that will be kind and loving. You are raising sons to be husbands and fathers, and daughters to be wives and mothers. It’s not something to take lightly. But it is something to take one day at a time and if you have a bad moment, or day or even a week, give yourself grace and keep on keeping on.

real life


2020 has been hard. You are trying to set goals maybe with work or home or weight loss and exercise. You’re trying your hardest to maintain normalcy throughout your life. This season is tough, give yourself the grace.

to do list


They have struggled. They’ve had to change how they do things. They’ve had to learn how to operate at lower capacities, implement mask wearing, figured out how to offer online ordering or curbside pickup. It’s been hard for everyone. Support our businesses as best as you can. AND give them grace.


Adult friendships are so hard to maintain even without a pandemic. Add on social distancing and quarantine. Add on all of us being worried about our family and bringing something home. Now it’s even harder. If you have a friend that you haven’t talked to much or that you feel like has distanced more than normal. Text them, call them, send them a card in the mail. Let them know you are thinking of them! Show grace.

send a check in text to your friends

ALL IN ALL, I feel as a married 35 year old mother of four, that what our world needs more of is LOVE, GRACE, and KINDNESS! Being kind doesn’t cost us anything. I can guarantee that the small things matter, how you make someone feels matters!

Be the change and give the grace.

Tessa Stuard
Born and raised in Baton Rouge, currently living in Central, LA with my family. I am married to my husband of 7 years, Alva. We have four children, Jakoby (6), twins-Kirby and Camp (4), and Ella Ray (1). I am a Pediatric RN, BSN turned stay at home mom. I am an extreme extrovert that loves spending time with my hubby, kiddos, camping, mani/pedis, crafts, sushi, watching baseball and pretty much anything that gives me a good excuse to have a margarita!


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