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health + wellness in Baton RougeAsk any Baton Rouge mom what she wants for her children, and health + wellness will be one of her first responses. Whether it’s the mental health of her teenagers, how much screen time to allow her toddlers or struggling with breastfeeding, moms simply want the best outcome for their children’s overall health.

Red Stick Mom provides local families with the latest resources, perspectives and expert advice about the important choices affecting the health + wellness of your Baton Rouge family.

Parents already have a lot of decisions to make! Finding consistent and reliable resources for raising a family in Baton Rouge shouldn’t be overwhelming, especially when it comes to the family’s health + wellness. There are so many issues to consider for kids these days, from children’s mental well-being to food dyes and whether those matter to vaccines and when to get them. And that’s not even taking mom and dad’s health into account!

Enduring a long NICU stay? We’ve been there. Looking for a great urgent care for children in Baton Rouge? Red Stick Mom has suggestions. We’ve talked about taking mental health days for kids, how to battle pesky molluscum, and arthritis in children. These are just a few of the health + wellness questions we’ve addressed on Red Stick Mom over the nine years we’ve served the community.

We’ve covered many different aspects of health + wellness over the years, from a scary breast cancer diagnosis to the benefit of chiropractic care during pregnancy to miscarriages and pregnancy loss. Whether we’re discussing birth or adolescence, Red Stick Mom strives to provide relevant health + wellness content for Baton Rouge families in a timely fashion. Best of all, every resource on Red Stick Mom is free to readers.

With the help of more than 25 Baton Rouge moms, Red Stick Mom makes it easy to locate important and accurate health + wellness information for busy families.

We are happy to announce a new, educational series here on Red Stick Moms Blog with local mom and women's health expert, Dr. Leanne Redman: Chatting About Women's Health We love being able to share our own opinions and insights mom-to-mom here on the blog, but we also love the idea of growing our understanding of important health issues such as pregnancy, breast cancer, and nutrition.  There is always new research coming out through news and media sources regarding women's health, and sometimes the information can be overwhelming.  We are hoping that with the guidance of Dr. Redman, we can gain a better understanding of the medical research and empower our decision-making through education. Now, let's get to know Dr. Redman...
May is "Better Speech & Hearing Month," and as moms we know how valuable the gift of speech and hearing are.  For the next few weeks, I will be sharing methods and tools to help foster good speech and language development in your child as they develop from baby to early childhood years. As a Speech and Language Pathologist, I will provide you with a series of posts that address developmental milestones, activities to enhance your child's speech and what to expect if you feel like your child might not be reaching their milestones. Speech and language milestones are a set of skills that are achieved within a specific time frame. These skills are divided into receptive and expressive language skills. Receptive skills refer to...
I hear it all the time, whether it's at birthday parties, restaurants, or just hanging out with friends: "But, mommy!  I don't like that!"  Dealing with picky eaters is an uphill battle, but encouraging their pickiness is not a good idea.  I undertand...you simply want your child to eat.  However, as a junior high teacher, I took my students on MANY field trips, and I ALWAYS had to deal with students who would only eat one or two foods.  And their parents always supported them.  "My son only eats pizza and french fries," or "My daughter will only eat chicken sandwiches."  Parents, trust me.  You don't want to be fighting this battle until the day your children move out.  Here are...
The older I get, the less I crave material things. And I've noticed that for the past several years the only things I can think to ask for at my birthday are actually for either the house, the kid, or the whole family. This year I made an effort to actually treat myself on my birthday and let me tell you, it was the best birthday I've had in a long time! So if you've got a birthday coming up and are seriously considering asking for a vacuum cleaner, a family vacation, or a baby carrier (that's seriously what I asked for last year), maybe this post can give you some ideas for requesting a gift that's a tiny...

All About Barre

After my second son Ben was born (all 9 pounds 14 ounces of him), my body was less than ideal.  I had gained 70 pounds during my pregnancy with him, and after he was born I wondered if I would ever get my pre-baby body back.  I was especially concerned because my core muscles were extremely weak, and I was having back pain. One day, as I was driving home, I passed The Bar Method.  At the time, the studio had not opened, but I was curious as to what it was and what types of exercises it offered.  I spent a few weeks doing a little research online, and I discovered that it was an ideal workout for pregnancy...

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