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As Baton Rouge moms, we know what it takes to keep a household running, and we understand that motherhood is hard. There’s always a ton to do and never enough time to get everything done! Sometimes us moms need a quick fix or advice from other moms on how to save time. Just like you, Red Stick Mom writers are always open to a more efficient way to handle things and willingly share their best mom hacks, tips and tricks when they find them.

Here at Red Stick Mom, we offer dozens of ideas from diverse perspectives in our mom hacks, tips and tricks category. From taking road trips from Baton Rouge to meatless meals to natural cold remedies, we’ve written about it. 

Curious how to freshen up your skin routine? We suggest you try slugging. Looking for a faster way to fix your hair? Try the lazy mom’s guide to hair. Wondering if there’s a better way to cook bacon? Try this mom hack for cooking the best bacon ever and thank us later. What’s motherhood without perfecting your bacon, are we right? That’s the kind of content our Mom hacks, tips and tricks section highlights. 

That said, not all of Red Stick Mom’s mom hacks, tips and tricks are about fixing food or mom’s self care. Maybe you are looking for a better way to store your family’s precious photo memories. Have you ever wondered what to do with the cupcakes that your kids inevitably didn’t finish? You haven’t really lived until you’ve tried “recycle cake.” We even get intimate with other topics like why every mom should try period panties and the value of a nursing cart when there’s a newborn in your home.

Our writing team of 25+ local Baton Rouge moms really work hard to ensure that local parents benefit from our tried and true mom hacks, tips and tricks. Our goal is to make living in Baton Rouge with kids – and motherhood overall – easier and more fun, and we’re here to share what we know! 

Overwhelmed, exhausted and don’t want to make another decision? If you’re like me and you often run out of ideas, or motivation to cook, look to Costco for some help. Their ready made meals offer some great options for feeding a crowd, feeding a family, and having leftovers all at a reasonable price.  Multiple Options The humble rotisserie chicken is affordable (still only $4.99), versatile and, best of all, already cooked! Eat it as is with some quick sides or utilize the meat for other meal options. We usually pull all of the meat and use it in jambalaya, enchiladas, homemade chicken salad or tacos. For taco night grab a jar of salsa and queso at Costco. Rotisserie chicken also freezes...
I’ll preface this by saying our first kiddo, Maverick, was never THIS sick … I’m not sure if this is a second kid thing or what, but WHEW. Mama’s tired is tired. Our youngest, Melody, has been sick since July with ear infections on top of random rashes, and colds, and we finally had surgery this month. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect other than having to put eardrops in her ears every day. So I wanted to share just a few things I’ve learned from this experience. Many of these tips can honestly be helpful for any illness since there always seems to be something. Quick and easy meals: I wanted to make things as easy...
It’s New Year's Resolution time! Normally, I would scoff at making resolutions. I mean I’m the same person in 2023 that I was in 2022 but now I see them a little differently. It’s not about spontaneously becoming a new person; it’s appreciating who you are and embracing it, being proud of it, and loving who you are no matter what. (Emphasis on the no matter what.) Your resolutions don’t have to look like typical plans everyone else may be doing or maybe they should. Here are my resolutions: Motherhood: being a better parent is important to me. I absolutely love being a mother and there’s no way I could love my children more. I want my children to look...
Making a list and checking it twice. If you are like me, you have probably made quite a few lists throughout the holiday season. So why not just continue that effort with a house cleaning list for 2023? Now take a breath and relax. A cleaning routine for your household doesn’t have to take up a huge chunk of your life. Even if you despise mopping and dusting, you can get it all done. Below are some ideas to help get your cleaning journey started. You get a Chore. You Get a Chore. Everyone gets a Chore. Get the whole family involved. Divide and conquer with a chore list. But how much can children truly help? Well of course that depends on their age....
Are you a huge fan of those cinnamon-flavored dough rounds covered in sweet green, gold, and purple sugar or icing? It is hard not to be a huge fan when you live in Louisiana. It is officially Carnival Season, and we are here for it all! If you are looking for one of Louisiana’s best desserts, we got you covered.  You can enjoy all the feels of Mardi Gras without having to travel to New Orleans. Maybe you are planning to throw a Mardi Gras party this year.  Looking for Mardi Gras Camps? Check out our Guide to Baton Rouge Mardi Gras Events and Camps. Don’t forget to check out all the things to do in Baton Rouge with kids! With Mardi Gras on full roll, tasting ALL the King...

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