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As Baton Rouge moms, we know what it takes to keep a household running, and we understand that motherhood is hard. There’s always a ton to do and never enough time to get everything done! Sometimes us moms need a quick fix or advice from other moms on how to save time. Just like you, Red Stick Mom writers are always open to a more efficient way to handle things and willingly share their best mom hacks, tips and tricks when they find them.

Here at Red Stick Mom, we offer dozens of ideas from diverse perspectives in our mom hacks, tips and tricks category. From taking road trips from Baton Rouge to meatless meals to natural cold remedies, we’ve written about it. 

Curious how to freshen up your skin routine? We suggest you try slugging. Looking for a faster way to fix your hair? Try the lazy mom’s guide to hair. Wondering if there’s a better way to cook bacon? Try this mom hack for cooking the best bacon ever and thank us later. What’s motherhood without perfecting your bacon, are we right? That’s the kind of content our Mom hacks, tips and tricks section highlights. 

That said, not all of Red Stick Mom’s mom hacks, tips and tricks are about fixing food or mom’s self care. Maybe you are looking for a better way to store your family’s precious photo memories. Have you ever wondered what to do with the cupcakes that your kids inevitably didn’t finish? You haven’t really lived until you’ve tried “recycle cake.” We even get intimate with other topics like why every mom should try period panties and the value of a nursing cart when there’s a newborn in your home.

Our writing team of 25+ local Baton Rouge moms really work hard to ensure that local parents benefit from our tried and true mom hacks, tips and tricks. Our goal is to make living in Baton Rouge with kids – and motherhood overall – easier and more fun, and we’re here to share what we know! 

We've all been there- scrolling through our social media feeds after posting our Christmas morning photos and feeling like the photos of our own morning look like absolute crap. I'm going to tell you a secret-my secrets, the secrets of a semi-professional occasional photographer who thrives on lifestyle and editorial imagery- on how to achieve a picture perfect holiday to make your friends and followers wonder if you have a pro on retainer for the holiday. Here's the secret: Most of those pictures are staged. Yep. Totally fake. Curated. But you can still make magic on a more realistic scale. But first, a teeny tiny, itty bitty disclaimer: I do not subscribe to the idea of presenting a false narrative of...
There is just something about the sound of classic Christmas carols and sipping on hot cocoa while strolling under twinkling lights that really gets the warm, magical holiday spirits going. We invite you to pause with us and take part in this magic as we have compiled a list of some of Baton Rouge’s most amazing twinkling light displays. We might not have a speckle of snow in sight, but who needs snow when this light displays light up our southern skies? If you are looking for great holiday events in Baton Rouge, we have you covered. And if you would like to cut down your own Christmas tree in Louisiana, we have you covered there, too. If you’re feeling...
After a while, it can start to seem like some kids have everything. Siblings (and their hand-me-downs) increase the odds of this phenomenon. Is there no limit on how many toys one home can house? How do you shop for the family in the process of moving? The idea of more things is overwhelming when there are already so many things to organize, pack, store, move, unpack, organize… When Christmas shopping for these types, it may be a good idea to gift an experience. Make future plans with those cute kiddos. Here are some ideas on what to give. Gift cards or memberships to local play places can go a long way. Indoor play fun Jump and Jive Tumbles Lil Bambino’s Playatorium Operation Imagination ...
The holidays are full of fun family traditions. One of the things I looked forward to every year as a child was making cookie dough from scratch with my mom and sister. My mom would pull out all the cookie cutters, sprinkles, and frosting and we would decorate for hours. Afterwards, we would package them up with a bow and hand them out to neighbors (and of course, we would always save a few for the “Big Guy”). It was the highlight of my Christmas every year. Now that I am a parent, I struggle with trying to fit all the holiday activities leading up to Christmas. But there is one tradition that is a must in our house every...
It is officially Carnival season, and we are here for it all! If you are looking for ways to enjoy Mardi Gras around Baton Rouge, we have you covered.  You can enjoy all the feels of Mardi Gras without having to travel to New Orleans. Maybe you are planning to throw a Mardi Gras party this year and want to enjoy king cake? Looking for Mardi Gras Camps? Check out our Guide to Baton Rouge Mardi Gras Events and Camps. Don’t forget to check out all the things to do in Baton Rouge with kids! I Hate Mardi Gras. According to my birth certificate, I was, in fact, born in Louisiana. You'd never know this from my personal preferences, though. I don't like seafood - eww, it tastes like the...

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