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As a Baton Rouge mom, sometimes you simply need to connect with other local moms to hear their thoughts, perspectives and opinions about raising kids in Baton Rouge. The perspectives in parenting section of Red Stick Mom is focused on providing a place for readers to discover what other moms are thinking and how they are managing the ever-changing challenges that accompany the difficult job of being a parent.

There are many different perspectives on parenting and living in Baton Rouge with kids, and Red Stick Mom is a safe platform where these diverse opinions can be published and discussed. We strive to provide not just valuable information and resources to parents across Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas, but also a place to hear from other local moms and what they’re thinking about current issues facing families.

In our perspectives in parenting section, you’ll find lots of anecdotes and reflections on day-to-day life in Baton Rouge with kids. Our writers keep it real and are willing to share everything from what it’s like to not want to have a natural birth in Baton Rouge to why they chose ISR swim lessons in Baton Rouge to managing their time as a single mom.

Many of our perspectives in parenting stories offer an intimate look into the highs and lows of being a mom in Baton Rouge. Whether it’s avoiding the mom shame game, or the challenges of having multiple young kids, we think that the best way to work through motherhood is together. No topic is off limits, even if it means getting honest about body image issues for young girls in Baton Rouge.

The Red Stick Mom writers talk about important things that Baton Rouge moms need to know, like where to get the best tutoring help in Baton Rouge and where to take a day trip with kids when you just need to get out of town!

With more than 25 local moms writing for Red Stick Mom, we pride ourselves on being the premier parenting resource for living in Baton Rouge with kids. If there’s a topic or perspective that’s missing, we always invite our readers to let us know what they want to talk about next!

So NOT Instagram Worthy

So NOT Instagram Worthy I am often overwhelmed. I often find myself dreaming about the far away days when I don’t have someone always needing me. I imagine nights spent sleeping instead of chasing away bad dreams. I imagine stretching out without little feet in my back. Days spent in quiet, contemplative peacefulness. The ability to do whatever I want, whenever I want and to be able to take a bath without an impromptu audience busting down the door at any time. Am I the only one? Why do I feel like I am? WHY AM I NOT ENJOYING THIS?! I find myself comparing myself and my parenting to what I see on social media. You see, I know I’m looking at...
My husband was on his way home with both our girls. I had just arrived home from work, and I began my daily routine of feeding pets and changing into my workout clothes. I sat on the sofa and put on my socks and shoes. I wonder if my bonus-daughter’s phone is in her room, randomly popped into my head. I have never snooped at her phone before, so this thought was new and definitely random for me. But my brain could not let go. Starting to stretch for my evening run, I kept marinating on the idea. So, I said a little prayer, asking God for His wisdom, and I felt an even stronger urge to put my secret...
Dear Teen Mom, I See You I’ll never forget seeing those two pink lines. I was 16. I’d had a few different boyfriends since I turned 14, but this was my first serious relationship. He was thrilled. I was, understandably, terrified. After a very difficult pregnancy, we welcomed our first son two weeks before my 17th birthday. Of course, it was love at first sight. We had an awesome support system, and I know for a fact the days would have been a lot harder without the help and love we received from grandparents. I don’t take that for granted one bit; they were a saving grace on many nights when I wanted to give up from lack of sleep. In...
In Defense Of Public Schools Public or private? This seems to be a very hot topic nowadays. It’s easy to see why. We want our kids to have the best of the best, don’t we? We want them afforded every opportunity available to them so they grow into mature, responsible, HAPPY adults, right? That’s the goal! My family and I are very fortunate to live in a great public school district where we know they’ll thrive, but the question of public or private honestly never came up in discussions about education when our kids were babies. After all, my husband and I both went through the public school system and had no solid complaints. So here’s some reasons we LOVE our public...
Celebrating Big On A Budget :: Tips From A Mom Of Four I’m a mom of four. That means four birthdays, four times the Christmas gifts, four times the Easter basket stuffers, etc. You get where I’m going with this? It’s A LOT. If I were to have my way, I’d be super extravagant and holidays would be filled to the brim with every gift and experience imaginable but alas, in today’s economy expenses add up really fast and no matter how you look at it, four kids is EXPENSIVE. So in the spirit of keeping up with a somewhat manageable budget, here are some of my tips and tricks to keep cost at a minimum while still holding onto that...

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